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VET's for VET's Inc.

Mission Statement
Dedicated To Providing Recreational Opportunity To Disabled Veterans
Services extend to any Disabled Veteran , Young or old. We proudly represent and accommodate all era's of military service. We are all in this together.
I know first hand that getting someone to listen and help may not be easily done. So with the help of our fellow Vets and other resources we will provide as much support as possible.
Including help from individual donors, small businesses, corporate sponsors opening even more opportunities to all sponsored Veterans.
Being a disabled veteran my health has finely caught up with me and I am no longer able to personally guide clients. Now I depend on the help from outside guides and outfitters. They are all undrestanding of the issues and picked to work with the needs of the veteran. It's more difficult now for us to offer these trips but we will keep doing the best we can.

A Place To Go.

  The goal is to purchase through hard work and donations, enough land to start with a National Northern California Headquarters. Then working our way across the United States. Our idea is to start chapters and build lodges in each state in our nation.  This will help us offer a quality atmosphere to help Veterans in the rehabilitation process by  having outdoor recreation at our finger tips. Lodges will be multi purpose.  Anything from a general meeting place to total rehabilitation.  A place for the Vet to find answers or just go relax and enjoy the outdoors with family. We call it, "Good for the head med's".

Veterans Advocate

  We will also be dedicated to Veterans Medical Rights and the fight it is to receive them. We will do our best to be an advocate.  Making issues known and heard the best we can. Helping the Vet keep from beating there head against the wall from all the unnecessary waste or time from searching for the right answers. To keep  both sides informed of what is and is not happening with these issues.

Although this is all some what new to me, disability and dealings with the VA Medical System is not! I have put in many years personally watching the VA system grow and change. It has been mostly for the better. Though we are not a non-profit organization as of yet I am doing my best to gain that status. I am here to help but you have to let me know what issue you need heard. For now, we will continue to do my best to achieve our set goals.
Providing assistance to all men and women that gave up their dreams so we can live ours.

   We would like to thank all the Veterans that made these sacrifices so we can live our lives in peace.

  Also, we would like to take the time to thank all our customers, sponsors, friends and family for all their time, help and support.

  Your contributions help make dreams come true.

  If you can participate in anyway to help make
this organization come to light, it will be highly appreciated.

  Our needs are the same as most non- profit organizations.  

(raft season 2004)

  My wife a nurse and myself a service connected disabled Veteran, we know the importance of the outdoors and it's healing qualities.  Please help in our efforts to keep trips available and this dream alive. It's appreciated !
  If you would like to receive more information on how we operate, donate time or funding. Feel free to contact us. It's that simple!

 Work is always in progress!
                                         Rick Cormier
                                                                         Founder / Vet's for Vet's Inc.

Vet's for Vet's Inc

Please help us.

 After 9-11 We have noticed that Veteran help organization are popping up all over.
They seem to like our name Vet's for Vet's.

I would like anyone that sees our Vet's for Vet's name
used on any other site but this one. Please beware that
they are not affiliated with us in any way.
We take no responsibility for there actions.

They are stealing our hard work and example. Our Identity! This could not happen anyplace in corporate business today. Our organization would like to see this stopped.

Our government have issued legal documentation that allows
us to operate under the Vet' for Vet's name. Soon non - profit.

It's sad that some will ride the coat tails of others. Incredibly so that some would outright steal it for there own use.
We are honored that our name carries so much impact.

Thank you for your understanding.

(Please let us know.)