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VET's for VET'

What's New!

Airguns, Scopes & Shooting Gear

Get Outfitted You  With The Latest  Guns and Gear

I have started to increase inventory and can order most anything air gun.

Air gun Club
Far West Outdoors and Vet's for Vet's are working on an Airgun club.
It will be by Membership only.  

The club is not off the ground any more than in my mind and on paper.
Haveing the land, I,ve started laying out Bench Rest and Field Target Rainges.
But I want to get added input in doing this. As far as menbership goes, we are looking for interested folks that are willing to help put together a creative  and compitive airgun  organization.

This organization will help promote air gunning

Say What!

A New Air Gun Club In Northern California
Only If Air Gun Lovers Get Off There Pellets And Get Involved.

Get ready for Our
Field Target &  Bench Rest

Looking for interested Shooters !
Must be A member To Participate In Club

This is for most all ages. A place where all like minded
can get together .

Air Guns, Old cars & trucks, Vintage Motorcycles
Fishing & Hunting
Looking for some open minded qualified
Veterans to help in this project


Two Wheeled Vintage
Parts   Restoration   Salvage
   Core Bike Sales

Vintage Motorcycle Restoration
If your old Classic is sitting tucked away in the garage
and you just don't have time to get it back up running yourself.
We're hear to help.  

"Classic Fun on Vintage Wheels"

Dedicated to the Preservation of Vintage Motorcycles

Helping you keep your classic motorcycles in action.
Give us a call.

Harley Davidson
We Buy, Sell & Trade Old Iron.

Did I hear someone say Harley Stuff? It's on the way and hitting our shop soon!
Frames, Tanks, Fenders and all the odds and ends you will need.

CooL Bike & Board
BMX & Skateboards    
Parts          Sales        Service

"Support Small Business"

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